9th Forum of the look: “What is digital ?: The stakes of the new screens”

8 October 2010. Published by Leny Müh.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Animation of a conference by Benoît Labourdette on the issues of the new screens, October 8, 2010.

“What is digital ? : The stakes of new screens”: this is the theme of the 3 days of training offered by écla Aquitaine on 6, 7 and 8 October 2010.

This is the “9th Forum of the Look”: Days of reflection, meetings, training and exchanges for actors of education in cinema and audiovisual in Aquitaine.

Coordination: Myriam Zemour (Head of the Regional Center for Arts Education and Training in Cinema and Audiovisual).

The note of intent of these days is:

In a technological context that is constantly evolving and which seems to operate today in the cultural and artistic practices of genuine revolutions, how does technology affect cinematographic and audiovisual creation, from writing to writing? diffusion ? And among all the images created, what is the place given to the works and the creators?

Benoît Labourdette participated in the animation of these days:

  • Animation of a workshop: “The mobile phone: a different tool for the workshops?”. With Ingrid Bourgeois, coordinator of non-school activities, Pôle d’éducation à l’image, Ecla.
  • Animation of the concluding conference: “What is digital ?: The challenges of the new screens”. To lay the foundations for a global vision of the technical, economic, sociological and artistic issues of the new media, taking an interest in the case of cinema.
Enregistrement de la conférence “Qu’est-ce que le numérique ?”

Speakers of these days}

  • Stéphane Hugon (sociologist)
  • Karine Guiho (filmmaker)
  • Daniela de Felice (filmmaker)
  • Patrick Leboutte (review)
  • Jung - Laurent Boileau (writer and draftsman)
  • Jean-Marie Tixier (Associate Professor Bordeaux 4)
  • Yann Kilborne (philosopher and documentary filmmaker)
  • Camille Duvelleroy (Websiteburo agency)
  • Benoît Labourdette (producer and director)
  • William Benedetto (director of the Alhambra cinema in Marseille)
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