Rencontres photographiques d’Arles : “Pedagogy of the digital image” (conference)

8 July 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 2 min  

Development of practical and creative thinking in the pedagogy of images, with digital photography.

July 8, 2013, invited by Jean-Yves Moirin and Francis Jolly in the Seminar of the Photographic Encounters, I proposed a conference on the subject of pedagogy and digital image (which you can hear here or download).

My approach is to question the meaning of educational activities, and to give concrete examples of artistic practice to share educational innovations, in order to give ideas, to awaken the imagination of everyone (the audience consisting of teachers and cultural mediators).

Listen to conference

Conference “Pedagogy of the image and digital” (french speaking)

synthetic map of the conference


I relied on five examples of my practices with photography and still image (some illustrations are at the foot of this article):

  • Arts Centre of Enghien-les-Bains (2012) : photography of the work for a first-class pro.
  • Forum des images (Paris) : photography workshop (2012): workshops photographs around changes in Les Halles in Paris, for college students.
  • Maison des métallos (2011): Workshop filmmaking from paper cut-outs, for all ages.
  • Civil Services of the Bulge (2012) : cultural action photography as part of a day of recovery for young people in civic service
  • Mashup Film Festival (2013) : studio filmmaking from paper cut-outs, for all ages.

The seminar was followed by the philosopher Marie-José Mondzain as “great witness,” which, in closing, made synthetic speech, affirming the need for a “break”, a “sharp” in practice absolutely non-consensual, what I will call the bias of the requirement of sight, which requires, in the educational system, to give up his seat of power, to accompany “taught” to work to build a free look. We found quite agree.

Presentation of the conference

Why continue to build artistic workshops with audiovisual tools, including the camera, then it is already heavily used in everyday life? It seems important to build our own critical position on educational practices that we wear, that seem legitimate, but which may, if you look in the face, struggle to put something enriching for young people within the flow ’bloated images, everyone of which is now a producer and receiver. Since the act of manufacturing has become massively appropriate massively “poor,” is there a way to “the rich”? Of course, the answer is yes. But why so? For very different reasons from those of yesterday, we explore, immediately joining the “how” and the issue of distribution. The development of innovative teaching methods, practical, will build on recent examples, with mobile phones and pico projectors in particular.

Presentation of the Seminar

Seminar photographic Rencontres d’Arles
Each year the Department of Education offers a training program in the field of photography, in conjunction with the Festival of International Meetings of Photography in Arles.

(This seminar is built by a collective, led by Jean-Yves Moirin - Honorary Inspector General of Fine Arts and Francis Jolly - Deputy Director of the House of gesture and image)

In 2013, the photograph down
Backing onto the 44th Rencontres d’Arles, the theme of the seminar 2013 “Photography down: the paradoxes of today’s practices” offer to sensitize educators and teachers to new practices in photography and the specific value of change they can induce social.
Photographic practice is widespread building on a growing technical sophistication that can make virtualization real difficult to understand by young indeed.
But it is also important to forms “countdown” of scientific and aesthetic experimentation. Thus the “poor” practices enrich and complicate photographic practices hybrids.


  • Provide a framework for reflection and theoretical teaching to an informed public;
  • Contribute to the development of a network of trainers and management personnel could relay information in the academies;
  • Organizing at all levels, education in the photographic image, both theoretical and practical.
    This seminar is based on the principle of alternation between the meeting of works and artists, (historical aesthetic, iconographic, semantic, sociological, political) theoretical considerations as well as expert testimony and debate.


  • Ministry of National Education;
  • International Meetings of Photography in Arles;
  • Ministry of Culture and Communication;
  • Ministry of Agriculture, food and forestry;
  • National Institute of Youth and Adult Education under the Ministry of Sports, Youth, popular education and community life;
  • League of Education;
  • Home of the gesture and the image;
  • National School of Photography in Arles.
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