www.virginiehoudet.com website

15 April 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Conception, design and production of editorial and exhibition website of painter / filmmaker.


Challenges and objectives

  • This website was to present an exhibition of paintings.
  • It should also be a place to promote the work of the director, who is also an editor.
  • It should be fully bilingual (all content is bilingual, with language change possible at any time).
  • The painter had very specific intentions graphics.
  • The budget was limited, financed by the fund professionalization Audiens.
  • It was to have editorial flexibility : she has to be able herself to modify, add or move sections and articles, via a back office.

Means to achieve

  • The graphic design was made by the painter herself, and built in conjunction with the technical possibilities, area by site area, with clear validation steps for the work to advance concrete way. This is a very good way, I think, to work on graphic design hand in hand with the person who will be the first affected by the site, because so it actually looks like what she wants, it is not a weird object.
  • In parallel with this work, I have established a back office with the CMS SPIP, which allowed her to start publishing content into the website and work on the structure, concrete and real way, in parallel with the construction of webdesign. The advantage of this is that, during construction, the person appropriates the back office, and all design tests already receive content, they are not made in the abstract.
  • And, of course, there was a dimension of training the proper use of the back office, which is very important so that good habits are took. Especially for multinlinguism, and preparation of images and videos.
  • This working method step by step is inspired by Agile software development, allows the work "hand in hand with regular tests, so the functionalities are being added one by one, tested and validated (iterative, incremental and adaptative development cycle).
  • This site was built over a period of three months. This may seem long, but in the end, the painter had her website, fully functional, knew perfectly how to use it well and make it evolves, and the design was exactly the one she wanted. For all these parameters filled, it is actually a rather short time!
  • It was chosen not to make responsive design but a unique design that works on all platforms. So it was a real graphic work led to the use of the site on mobile phone and tablets, with the final choice of the same design, functional everywhere.
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