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1 June 2009. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Design, editorial management and redesign of the website of a film festival, the Pocket Films Festival.


Project History

The Pocket films Festival, which I founded in 2005 with the Forum des images, was the first year a “showcase” website fairly fixed. By the second year, so that the website could live and keep track of the contents of this flexible festival, we appealed to a service provider, Neodicio, to rebuild the site from a CMS. The SPIP CMS was proposed, which I knew well, having selected it the previous year for the redesign of my company website at that time, Quidam Production.

From 2006 to 2009, for 3 years, the site functioned in this form. Then in 2009 we had new needs: to put movies online, have more editorial freedom, to build specific designs for certain sections of the website and benefit from a major upgrade SPIP at the time that offered new opportunities (1.8 version). Quotes as we requested for it were too high, so I decided, though at the same time festival director to take charge myself this upgrade.

So I, in 2009, made the whole website redesign, and thanks to SPIP CMS, all previous contents have been preserved and were reformatted without any difficulty to the new design and new features.

One of the most important points was the ability to be able to put many videos on the site: there are more than 350 films, and hours of lectures.

Thus, since the stop of the festival in 2010, the site remained online on the servers of Forum des images and is a valuable tool because there are archived in a structured manner, movies that tell the story of this film movement that is Pocket Films.

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