Website - Museum for Living history (Montreuil - France)

2 April 2016. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Strategic support, editorial and technical implementation of the redesign of the website of the Museum for living history.

Issues and goals

The Museum for living history had a static website, very rich in content, but blocked technically in its evolution. The challenge of this project was to design a new dynamic website and implement working methods so that the old content is not lost (as happens often in the redesigns...), and that website can be a space even more rich and accessible to discover exhibitions, collections, publications of this museum, opened in 1939 dedicated to the history of the labour movement.

Methodology of work

For this project, we have chosen the CMS (content management system) SPIP, which in my opinion is the tool of editorial content the more lasting content for this type of website (it is also used for many web sites of museums). Here, content and layout are absolutely distinct, which has two virtues:

  1. Content will never again be lost, most never to reenter, it will be able to adapt to any new design, so what is built, in historic terms, is final and permanent.
  2. Editors focus on content and not on the technique, which allows at the same time to work, to produce a richer site.

I have worked hand in hand with management team (Pascale Favel and Eric Lafon) and the head of communication (Nina Leger), to design, as and extent:

  • The structuring of the content.
  • The good preparation of the elements (texts, images, videos).
  • The taken into hand of the back-office.
  • The progressive design and co-construction of graphic design.

This project, managed by agile method, has been built in parallel between the accompaniment, the construction of the content and technical construction. Indeed, the starting point was the CMS installation, what makes the editors to immediately able to begin to grasp the content, and that the webdesign was done together, thus taking into account the exact reality of what it was necessary to display.

I accompany the design and implementation of web projects, to articulate policy issues, technical, content, organizational and methodological work. These range from project management (technical design specifications and service monitoring), training of editors, or even manufacturing sites A to Z.Here are several websites that I made.