AXA / AGD Corporate Meeting 2012 : Organisation of production, post-production and distribution

10 June 2012. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

AXA for its international distant insurance AGD (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Japan, Korea) , needed to create momentum under its “Corporate meeting” in 2012 (international meeting of teams), a dynamic movie to start discussion.

After a collaborative development work, this is not one movie but four that were produced. Everyone is shorter, thematic, and came to open each of the 4 thematics.

The films were made ​​with an original method. So that it is more humane, they consist of interviews with employees from all countries mixed together.

Within very tight deadlines, I brought my expertise to frame the work of local teams shooting with good protocols, the organization of rushes, choices of formats. I’ve also set up a server to receive all films. There are hundreds of vignettes, disparate, we had to manage, organize, harmonize...

Movies, once assembled, mixed, calibrated and validated, were then made ​​available on a private web page, in a universal Flash/HTML5 player in order to be easily played on any computer. The video quality is excellent (while being light for all internet connections), so it is a true broadcast medium.

JPEG - 391.5 kb