FNCF: DVD Manufacturing of trailers for public development operations

20 November 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Manufacturing a DVD containing all the trailers of FNCF public promotion operations, for corporate use.

The National Federation of Cinema, which, among others, organized since the 80s “La fête du cinéma” asked me through its advertising agency to produce a corporate DVD with together the ads of all stripes operations since 1985 (La fête du cinéma, La rentrée du cinéma, Le printemps du cinéma).

The work took place in several stages :

  • Evaluation of the work on the project. Establishment of an adapted method for work (and framing of the budget), given the very large number of movies and menus on the DVD.
  • Graphic design of the menus.
  • Technical reformatting of the supports of the trailers, very different (period of 20 years...).
  • Crop, sound normalization and image formats.
  • Video encoding.
  • Successive validations of DVD structure and ergonomics. Very important in the organization of a project, so you never go in the wrong direction.
  • Authoring. Ie technical production of the DVD itself.
  • Mastering. Finalization of the DVD object, ready to be duplicated.
  • Duplication by burning DVD and printing on the media.
DVD (1997) and Blu-ray (2006), optical distribution media, still exist and still have multiple jobs. I am an expert in these technologies. Engineering design, project management, encoding, authoring, to manufacture the most ergonomic supports with the best possible technical quality and in the most efficient working methods. Clients : Les films de mon oncle, Editions Re:voir, Ciné-Tamaris, Documentaire sur Grand Ecran...