Growing up with culture : “The contribution of digital technology in cultural mediation”

13 June 2018. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Conference by Benoît Labourdette about cultural mediation with digital tools, on the example of the travelling projections within the framework of the Port Zone Film Festival. June 13, 2018, Nantes (France).

“The contribution of digital technology in cultural mediation”. Conference by Benoît Labourdette (french speaking).

The Loire-Atlantique Departmental Council proposes the “Growing up with Culture” scheme, which enables secondary school pupils in the department, but also a very large number of secondary school pupils, to learn about art in all its forms. This plan is the subject of a multi-year agreement between the Loire-Altantique Departmental Council, the Loire-Atlantique Departmental Education Services Directorate, the Diocesan Directorate and the Pays de la Loire DRAC (source).

In this context, a professional morning meeting on the theme of digital and cultural mediation was offered to professionals from the region. I was invited there to relate my mediation work in Saint Nazaire and share my approach to mediation and pedagogy with digital. Moderation by Pascal Massiot.

Full program

  • 9h30-9h40 Introduction by Catherine Touchefeu (Vice-President of the Loire-Atlantique Departmental Council, in charge of culture and heritage)
  • 9h40-10h10 : Benoît Labourdette => by videoconference
    > Intervention on the work of mediation and travelling projection (pico-projectors).
  • 10h15/10h45 Alice Albert, ESBAN (Beaux-Arts de Nantes)
    > Intervention about the “Art delivery” application, possibility for colleges, companies or individuals to build up a collection of works of art for 3 months.
    a few words about the Open School
  • 10h50/11h30 : Céline Schnepf, A Castle in Spain => by videoconference
    > Intervention about an app for mobile phones allowing to establish a sensitive cartography and to create territory projects
  • 11h30/12h10 : Mélanie Legrand, Stéréolux, accompanied by Mr Vrignaud, collège Rosa Parks - Nantes).
    > Intervention about the 1st digital cultural class, project around the writer Eric Pessan and 5 artists.
  • 12:10: conclusion by Catherine Touchefeu.
In the digital age, cultural policies, whatever their field, must in my view take digital images and their uses into account by citizens, especially the younger ones.Digital has put the image at the center of our lives. With these tools, thought and implemented in a lucid, innovative and adapted way, it is possible to invent new strategies to mobilize, give meaning and make appropriate the cultural proposals by the public.