CEFPF :“Designing, producing and financing interactive transmedia content” training course

8 December 2017. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Vocational training on technologies and strategies for developing transmedia projects.

For the eighth year, I am the referent trainer of this 5-week professional training course at CEFPF (European Film Production Training Centre), intended mainly for audiovisual professionals who wish to “update” their knowledge, skills and work paths in order to develop transmedia and interactive projects.

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This training course is therefore pluridiscplinary, and you will be able to download here a number of summary documents produced during the training, which may be useful, as well as one of the exercises (small film below).

The document Put a video on line (without platform) in particular can be of great help.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, because this training is first and foremost focused on the progress of each person. There is no premade Powerpoint, there are objectives, a method, an accompaniment, so that each trainee can appropriate by himself, through concrete actions, the notions and skills.

The five weeks are organized in this way:

  1. Technologies and strategies of transmedia.
  2. The web and digital video.
  3. The web documentary.
  4. Case studies (with several industry experts).
  5. Business models. Development of a personal project.

Digital technologies are challenging:

  • the stakes of dissemination, of meeting with the public,
  • the form of the works,
  • methods of work and creation,
  • writing and its own processes.

The changes in the trades are much more profound than it seems at first sight. The objective of this training is to give solid and multidisciplinary support to each one, in order to design projects that are fully in tune with contemporary and future potentialities and realities.

The European Centre for Training Film Production (CEFPF) in Paris, offers professional training in cutting-edge production, writing, film-making, since 20 years.I teach in CEFPF on the subjects of new media.