CEFPF : “Training”Design, build, finance content for new media"

4 October 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Since four years, I coordinate and I run a large part of this training of five weeks, which aims to provide skills into the multidisciplinary field of new media .

Link to the page of presentation of the Next session : November 4 to 8 December 2013.

Training Presentation

Discover the technical, financial, dramaturgical and aesthetic challenges of directing and producing transmedia audiovisual projects designed for new media documentary , Web series ...

Duration: 175 hours / 25 days / 5 weeks

  • Integrate the specificity of transmedia creation and their impact on the achievement
  • Identify the operation of emerging business models
  • Master the different stages of developing a transmedia project
  • Identify funding mechanisms and learn how to convince your partners


Trainees Professional Profile

Producers, directors, technicians wishing to diversify or improve their professional practice to evolve in the creation of projects and new media.
Prerequisite, experience

Qualification at least equivalent to the tray and experience assessed by educational officials CEFPF upon presentation of a curriculum vitae .
total duration

175 hours / 25 days / 5 weeks

9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Place of training

CEFPF - 19 , rue de la Justice - 75020 Paris

Learning Objectives

At the end of this program , students will:

  • Explore the world of new media
  • Know the different types of content on the web
  • Know the trends and developments of new media
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the elements of a project for new media and understand the technical, financial and dramaturgical issues that involve interactivity
  • Learn to design projects for new media
  • Mastering each stage of the development of a project for the new media and be able to manage teams involved
  • Acquire the knowledge to control the processing of audio-visual subject as part of a project for new media (preparation, filming , broadcasting)
  • Assessing the technical parameters, financial , artistic and dramaturgical project for new media and be able to convince its partners, and to prove to them his aesthetic and technical choices

Pedagogical method

Theoretical lectures and practical exercises - knowledge by a professional simulation .

The exercise will focus on the development of a project for the Web , including a model file, with some video if necessary.

Emphasis will be placed on the interactive nature of the program , which is a characteristic of the new digital media.

Weekly Evaluation using questionnaires given to students and analyzed by the head teacher .

Trainer referent
Benoît LABOURDETTE , producer, director , technical expert , teacher

Other stakeholders
Qualified and recognized professionals are provided .

Program of the training

Week 1: AUDIOVISUAL AND “DIGITAL CONVERGENCE” traditional production transmedia production

1st day:

  • Introduction to the training of all its progress , goals and challenges view.
  • Presentation of trainees and trainers .
  • The concept of new media.
  • The mobile revolution
  • Concepts for cross- media

2nd day:

  • The Digital Video Technology Milestones
  • Fundamentals of image, video and digital

3rd day:

  • Television in the new media landscape

4th day:

  • Milestones for production and post- production and distribution

5th day:

  • Modes of dissemination of audiovisual content on the Web


1st day:

  • Challenges , opportunities and benefits of a project website for professional use
  • Strategies
  • Technologies
  • The creation of web pages

2nd day:

  • Getting Started with its own website
  • Choice of CMS
  • Hosting and commissioning online

3rd day:

  • Design and content publishing

4th day:

  • Web-design ( layout and ergonomics of the site ) .
  • Entertainment Site .

5th day:

  • Bases for design and produce a web documentary


1st day:

  • Design web documentary realized in the framework of the training
  • Workshop location of webdoc with mobile tools

2nd day:

  • Preparation of media for publication
  • Presentation 3WDOC Studio tool by its creators
  • Getting Started with the tool.

3rd day:

  • Holidays

4th day:

  • Development of a production file a web documentary
  • Pitch
  • Synopsis
  • Statement of intent
  • Description of contents
  • Mapping of interactivity
  • Dissemination Strategy
  • Budget
  • Implementation of the web documentary with the tool 3WDOC

5th day:

  • Hosting , SEO , techniques available online .
  • Presentation of web doc made ??by trainees


Production , distribution, legal and emerging business models
Project development interns (1)

1st day:

  • The content monetization transmedia strategy “Community management”
  • From the TV production to web production

2nd day:

  • New concepts transmission and distribution Exploration and creation
  • Design and development of projects interns work led (1)

3rd day:

  • The legal aspects of new media
  • Support CNC production for new media

4th day:

  • The operation of a platform for sharing videos The example Dailymotion
  • The promotion of entertainment for the web

5th day:

  • Design and development of projects interns work directed (2)


Production , distribution, legal and emerging business models
Project development interns (2)

1st day:

  • Design and development of projects interns work directed (3)
  • New Media - New Uses

2nd day:

  • Design and development of projects interns work directed (4)
  • Issues of digital creation

3rd day:

  • Design and development of projects interns work led (5)

4th and 5th day :

  • Presentation of projects interns.
  • Balance training.

Equipment used

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Cameras Sony HD Z5 Z1E , PD 150 and 170 and HDV Z1E and “Pocket -cam”
  • 1 medium shoulder
  • 1 monopod
  • Feet fluid head
  • Monitors
  • Pickups cardioid and hyper- cardioid , HF , ties , poles with suspension
  • DVD recorder DVCAM HDV
  • Digital Audio Recorder
  • Room with TV and DVD player
  • A projector
  • Final Cut Pro HD
  • A workstation with iMac trainee 5 , 17 inches


Conditions support different training programs CEFPF depend on your employment status and conditions of delivery of training : training plan, professionalisation period , individual training leave (CIF) , Individual Right to Training ( DIF ) or Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL ) .

For more information on financing, contact CEFPF (01 40 30 22 35 ).

The European Centre for Training Film Production (CEFPF) in Paris, offers professional training in cutting-edge production, writing, film-making, since 20 years. I teach in CEFPF on the subjects of new media.