DRAC and DAAC Pays de la Loire: “Learning to see and hear, a collective experience”

11 September 2018. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

A professional training to collectively invent projection devices in order to build a greater intimacy with the material of the image. Then draw up a charter of good practices in the field of image education.

As part of the Academic Meeting on School and Cinema and College of Cinema in the Pays de la Loire region in September 2018, I took part in a two-stage training day for professionals in the field of image education, with two objectives:

  1. Learning to see and hear, a collective experience. Go through the experience to feel intimately what an image is, what it works in us.
  2. Define a charter of good practices for the various steering committees. Share the objectives of image education in order to develop together the foundations of good practices shared by the actors of the territory.

This training was and is offered by Frédérique Jamet, DRAC Pays de la Loire film consultant and co-designed collectively (in cooperation with Canopé workshop 49).

To educate to images is to educate to the gaze : the question of the gaze is central to educate to images. But how, in concrete terms, can we deepen this question of the gaze?

Learn to see and hear, a collective experience

During the morning, in the cinema room Les 400 coups in Angers, with a group of 40 people, after an introduction on the functions of the image today and the experiences of projection on the large screen (including the beginning of the film 2001 A space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, 1968), I suggested to the participants to put themselves in small groups, to take hold of a large number of devices that we had brought and invent each an original, innovative projection device, which dialogues with the content of the chosen film, in order to offer it the best possible setting. The equipment proposed was: video projectors, pico projectors, screens, tablets, speakers, laptops, etc.

The fact of going through sensitive experience, invention and creativity to invent projection devices was, in my opinion, a rich, playful, constructive and concrete educational path. This becomes anchored in itself in its real experience, so it is a support forever. Among the films on offer: excerpts from commercial films, workshop films and my latest short films.

Invented projection projects:

  • Group 1: Duplex
    JPEG - 103.5 kb
  • Group 2: Screen light
    JPEG - 92.2 kb
  • Group 3 : Traffic
    JPEG - 87.9 kb
  • Group 4: Immersion
    JPEG - 103.7 kb
  • Group 5 : Declination
    JPEG - 111.7 kb

Define a charter of good practices for the various steering committees

In the afternoon, based on the strong experience I had in the morning, I led a brainstorming session, gradually filling in a mindmap visible to everyone, which allows the progressive construction of a collective intelligence. The aim was to develop a shared charter of good practices for image education.

Design and delivery of professional training in the field of image education, for teachers, facilitators, responsible for educational facilities, cultural and social, and cinema theater directors.With the new technology tools, to “connect” with the practices of youth and enlighten.