Dust on the walls

8 November 2009. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Series of photographs.

Advertising posters on the walls of cities and transport corridors are to me an extremely aggressive visual factor. I’ve always been dreaming of cities with no evidence other than the architecture itself.

On November 8th, 2009, the metro station Nation in Paris was work to change the frames of the media advertisements in the corridors. So we saw on the walls, ghosts of the frames, empty images formed by dust. I found this moment beautiful, very important, so I wanted to keep a memory of it.

Because of the mechanical nature of its technical function, photography is for me a matter of time rather than a visual matter : in its silver salts, or its pixels today, it is time which is captured, preserved, reinvented at every glance. Time of life, time of vision, time of poetry.Painting is the original material of plastic work, which is intimately connected with photography, because it also contains the time of its gesture and its imagination.Artistic installation, the existence in space and time of artistic forms is crucial because it is the way in which the work is modified by (...)