ACAP Pôle Image Picardie - collective film workshop

4 June 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Making collective films in movie theater for high school students.

The ACAP (Pôle Image Picardie) proposed to high school students enrolled in the image education programs in 2015 (5 classes), a day to show their work in the cinema of the House of Culture of Amiens. The day ended with a “discovery workshops” afternoon, surprising, innovative and timely enough practices (such as the live dubbing of a film).

I offered to two classes, the shooting of a collective movie in movie theater in 1h30 time. A chain, camera goes from hand to hand, each one filming a different object and pronouncing a slightly surreal text. A kind of cinematic exquisite corpse.

The purpose of this kind of “film” is to be viewed right after the shooting in the movie theater. Thus, we discover, in close-up and with the sound that fills the room, everyone’s universe. It is an intense moment.

Before filming, the project I am stating is that the goal of this film is to be shared on the Internet : it will be for everyone, everyone will be able do what he wants with it. So this film will be seen by people we do not know. So it is a responsibility, what we “offer” to these unknown audience, “others”. It has importance, and we will build it in that direction.

So I gave the web address where I put the film, I took care that each to record it, and, about an hour after the workshop, the film was online. I then found that it was very widely downloaded ! A lovely way to spread the experimental creation !

The two films.

Lives of the objects (collective film)